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GURU-INS is a business-to-consumer insurance agency that delivers Web-based, insurance options to individuals, families and small businesses who are in need of insurance coverage.

GURU-INSintegrated suite of online services facilitates a comprehensive search and review of insurance coverage & options online.

GURI-INS is not an insurance company, therefore we provide objective information to consumers and small business owners, helping them make informed decisions about their insurance needs with preferred carriers on your market.


GURU-INS is a Broker Agency license in many states with contracts with major insurance companies to help you find the Best option for your coverage, are many years of experience and knowledge in the industry will allow us to simplified this task of getting the best coverage for the best price.

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Satisfied Customers

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Annual Review

Making an Annual review of your Risk is an important task the we will help you with it, the coverages you have chosen may need to be change on your commercial and personal policy, let us help you! Make an appointment or call us at: 909-781-1000

Our Experts Team

Our Team of Season Agents will Consult with you of your Need's on Personal and Commercial Lines.

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