The flood insurance market is changing constantly. Congress passed and President Obama signed Grimm-Waters in 2014, delaying implementation of Biggert-Waters, signed into law in 2012. Mix this legislation with changes to flood maps and the reclassification of many properties, and you have a tricky market. If you live on the coast or near a country stream, talk to us to stay on top of all these changes. Call us at 800-649-3252 to talk to an expert.

If you’re just researching, here are some of our recent blogs on flood insurance developments that affect us locally in Massachusetts: When you need an expert, we’re here to help.

If your mortgage or bank requires flood insurance, don’t delay; talk to us right away. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the flood market will help you to come to the most economical solution for your needs, both for the flood insurance itself, and the home insurance that should be coordinated with your flood protection anyway.

If you want an indication what your flood insurance will cost directly from NFIP, click the link: Click here for FEMA flood rating calculator

Once the correct map loads, click “View NFHL data on FEMA GeoData Platform”

If you are not required by the bank to get flood insurance but are nervous about that creek in the back yard or the water levels from the last big storm, you may be eligible for “preferred” Flood insurance, an inexpensive but valuable part of your home’s protection. Call us for a quick cost estimate. 800-659-3252

Remember, flood insurance has a 30 day waiting period, so don’t wait for storm warnings to think about this. By then it’s usually too late.

Here are some other off-site resources that may help you learn more about the National Flood Insurance Program:

Check out the MAPS changes coming to your community by clicking here.

To protect yourself from the ravages of flood waters, give us a call for guidance. Knowledge is power. Don’t get caught up the creek without a paddle!